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B.J. Love’s GChat with His Lady-Love

A couple weeks ago, B.J. Love’s girlfriend Erika Jo Brown moved many miles away to Savannah, Georgia, to begin a new job. B.J.’s a little bit at a loss without her; he misses the post-its Erika used to leave around their house, he misses making food together, and, well, he just misses her. B.J’ll join Erika in Savannah for good in a few weeks, but for now he uses, among other mediums, GChat, poetry, and postcards to reassure her that he’s still there for her. B.J. also settles the question, once and for all: If your last name is Love and you’re a poet, are all your poems automatically love poems?

Download the episode here. (Right-click the small “Click here to start download from sendspace” in the small blue box, not the fake-out ads. One day, a podcast will exist . . . one day.)